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Hey, kids Just recently put this site on the web. This page is not done yet, but when I'm done, you'll be able to find info about my life and friends here. There will also be an *alternate website* which will contain lots of other junk (e.g. cars, bikes, java applets). I am currently working on all of this. Sorry to dissapoint many of you but there will be no porn posted on either of the websites...well...at least in the beginning stage... All of this is actually for a school project, but once I get a grade for it, I'll make this site a more fun place :). So, just be patient, it's coming! If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to jot me a letter. Well, this is all I have to say so far. I will update you as soon as something changes. Lates. :) P.S. A lot of content is boring for now. Main reason is because I'm just filling in space for now. But again, people, I'M WAITING FOR FUN SUGGESTIONS! :)

To friends:

This goes to all my friends. Guys, girls, if you would like me to upload any information about you in my friends section, please send it to me and let me know about the details. I'm looking for at least a brief description of self and a picture from each of you, but receiving additional information would be even more awesome. Also, if you guys have your own homepages or websites, or know any sweet sites on the web, please e-mail me the links for my links section. Help me built this website :). Thanks a lot. Your help is appretiated.


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